Posted on 24 May 2019

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual international awareness-raising campaign to promote a working environment that is safe, healthy and motivating, held on 28 April each year.

According to ILO (International Labour Organisation) estimates, 250 million work accidents occur annually while 160 million are estimated to suffer from work-related illnesses. The key therefore, towards preventing occupational risks or health implications is ensuring a strong safety and health culture. We make certain that health and safety is an ongoing process and is a vital part of our organisation.

Our Health & Safety Officer – Mr Pam Kylassum

To mark the occasion, Natec endorses the work carried out by the Health and Safety Officer, Mr. Pam Kylassum. His aim is to prevent accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses in the workplace, by applying health and safety policies in accordance with legislations and ensuring that these policies are implemented by the entire workforce.

The health and safety officer works very closely with key figures at Natec. Mr Kylassum looks at potential risks such as: fire safety, occupational health, noise, control of hazardous substances, manual handling of various equipment, working and environmental health. He states “Employees are encouraged to be proactive and take into consideration their surroundings, it is also important to educate staff for any potential hazards and to be prudent on their daily commute back and forth to the workplace. It is important not to rush or be stressed when driving, Mauritius is also prone to unpredictable severe weather conditions and we also have protocols in place for this”

Unprecedented accidents can happen at any given time, we want to also make sure in such scenarios, we are capable of administering first aid. By making first aid training available to our employees, we are proud to have 21 qualified first aiders capable of providing timely and swift assistance for unexpected incidents, until professional medical help comes.

A More Positive Work Environment

We necessitate the wellbeing and health of our employees; a healthy and positive environment improves productivity and reduces absenteeism. To achieve this, frequent medical check-ups from doctors come to the Natec headquarters for consultations. Being that we also face many challenges in life, sometimes it is tough to express certain difficulties. Natec Medical cares about its employees and also provides free counselling sessions from psychologists, to those requiring or seeking any professional support.

At Natec we also understand that anyone can be prone to stress, which is why we incorporate a positive workplace culture, taking into account our physical environment and safety, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, providing a supportive working environment and also engaging in team building activities, aimed to enhance interpersonal relationships and improve team spirit. It is essential to focus on employee wellness, encourage positivity, celebrate victories and adapt to a WISE mentality, which means our people Work together with trust, Innovation and transparency, Strive for excellence and Engage with respect for each other with an open mind.

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