Posted on 13 February 2020

After 21 years at the helm of the company, Vincent Lagarde is leaving Natec Medical with Chief Operating Officer Stephane Lefevre named as his successor.

During Natec’s 2019 End of Year event, Vincent stated “It’s the end of an era but the beginning of another incredible one. It’s time for me to step back and let my baby continue to grow without me!”

The former CEO clarifies “After 21 years, I’ve decided it was the right time for me to step down as CEO of Natec Medical and pursue other ventures in life. I know that I leave this company in good hands, under the talented guidance of Stephane Lefevre, with whom I’ve worked for the past few years. I have faith and trust that Stephane will continue Natec’s inspiring journey. He brings humility and tremendous passion for our products, our business, and towards our partners and collaborators. “

A dream which turned reality

Vincent was spurred by his industry experience in the field of medical technology, when he relocated his operations to Mauritius in 2000 along with only ten employees. Today, NATEC Medical Ltd has successfully transitioned from a start-up to an innovative and dynamic enterprise with more than 400 collaborators.  His audacious commitment to realising his dream of saving lives daily began with many different hurdles but eventually success prevails.

Natec’s Future is Bright & Promising

Leaving behind a solid foundation, a team of highly experienced upper management and well-established objectives, Vincent is confident that Natec Medical will be able to achieve them.

Vincent has a lot to be proud of as he leaves behind an organisation which made tremendous strides. Natec sees a 40% increase in profits in their last financial year and he paid tribute to the entire Natec family and its collaborators for their dedication and hard work.

Before leaving, Vincent remains committed in revamping and optimising the workspace of his employees to be in a more modernised and inspiring setup. There are plenty of things in store and we can expect further developments as the year unfolds.

Vincent concluded in his departing speech that he has the utmost faith and trust in the entire organisation “The future will be without me, but you will persevere! I see young emerging talents who are passionate and dynamic. You will be able to perform wonders; be creative, have confidence in yourself. I believe in you!”

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