Posted on 22 April 2018


As announced earlier, the 8
th of January was the D Day for me : time to hand over to our new COO, Stéphane Lefèvre, who spent 6 months of intensive on boarding and who is fully competent and ready to handle all the operating issues of #natec-medical.

This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary and I seized the opportunity to bring our entire staff together for the first of our all-year-long activities by announcing the operational transfer and gave my vision of Natec 2.0 for the 7 next years.

First of all, this day marks the beginning of my new life as CEO with much less operational involvement and above all, more time for my personal projects. I am very proud to launch within few weeks my Foundation, “Dunes de mer”, which aim is to improve the life of Vezo and Mikea, semi nomadic people of fishermen and hunters, on the south-west coast of Madagascar, by the construction of dispensaries, schools and other social projects.

After remitting a symbolic key of my office to our COO, we had a very pleasant and relax get together with all the staff.

So excited to start this new part of my life!





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