Posted on 26 June 2019

The Transformer at Natec Medical – Meet our Senior Production Manager, Sehezad Ghaboos

While he may not be a robot in disguise, Sehezad Ghaboos is certainly someone fuelled by sheer passion and dedication to transform and foster a productive working environment. Sehezad brings a wealth of expertise and oversees the production operation at Natec Medical, including the management of direct labour, production equipment, maintenance, and the production budgets. Key metrics include labour productivity, schedule attainment, equipment utilization and uptime.

Sehezad and his team also recently achieved national recognition by claiming the Gold Award in National Productivity and Quality Convention 2019. This accolade was made possible by his vision of ‘Growing Natec’s Production Capacity, Productivity & Employee Engagement through Leadership Standard Work’

Let’s get to know Natec’s Senior Production Manager on a more personal level.

1. Tell us about yourself and your background

I was Born on the 186th anniversary of “La Prise De La Bastille” in Mauritius. I am married with two children – a son and a daughter. I completed my first degree in Mauritius with dual honours in Computer Science and Specialised in Artificial Intelligence and networking. I decided to take my endeavors overseas and this is where I lived and worked in the UK for 15 years within multinational and huge international brands such as: Lincoln Electric, Saint-Gobain, Sony, McLaren, Jaguar, Land Rover, John Guest, Fletcher’s Group, Premier Food, Gulmay Medical and Target Plastics.

2. An inspiring story on how you started and reached to where you are today.

In 1999 after completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computing, I joined an analytical instrumentation manufacturing company joining their R&D department as a firmware engineer. Since then I never stopped moving ahead – from R&D into manufacturing. I set up wedge bonding and surface mounted technologies in Mauritius. Moving on, I lead the sensitive glass blowing, assembly, engineering and plastic injection molding for the same company.

I left Mauritius to emigrate in the UK where my career continued to flourish. I went into medical x-ray generator manufacturing, then embarked into the consultancy world as a business consultant, which enabled me to work for big brands dealing with the latest high-end technologies in the workplace. I later joined a huge American company within the welding arena to service the nuclear and oil & gas industries. Through my time in England, I specialised in Lean Six Sigma where I was overseeing 22 plants across Europe in their continuous improvement journey with employee engagement/participation. As a master black belt in Lean Six Sigma, I transform businesses (manufacturing or service)

In October 2017, I was contacted by Natec and here I am – joining this interesting journey of building the company upwards, which I am excited about.

3. What motivates you in your everyday life?

The opportunity to wake up in morning, have a place to go and help changing people’s life for the better.

4. Who is your mentor / source of inspiration?

As a very keen young and ambitious engineer who wanted to improve everything, I faced the CEO of my previous company who said “Boy listen, I’m very happy that you want to improve this however if you do it I will be selling half that I do today”. That was engraved in my mind which I consider as the foundation of my commercial knowledge.

5. What are your Hobbies?

Swimming, Watching football (soccer) and action movies.

6. What’s your motto / most inspirational quote?

“The most beloved of people to me is one that points out my flaws to me.”

7. How do you want to be remembered? (What impact do you wish to have at Natec also towards your personal aspirations)

Sehezad would have addressed it with fairness and truth.

8. In one word, describe yourself.


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