Posted on 30 October 2019

Team Spirit is in the air at Natec Medical!

Discover our adventurous annual team building day.

What would happen if you were taken out of the 21st century and transported back to the Stone Age era?

On 11th October the whole Natec team were removed from their day to day comfort zone and were placed amidst a SURVIVAL environment for our annual teambuilding day! In this adventurous edition we take you to the World of Chamarel in a lush and picturesque setting.

We go back to the primitive!

The entire Natec Group of Companies (400 employees) were part of this exciting initiative where instinct, perseverance, teamwork and plenty of fun assured! Employees at Natec were split into different teams to see how they could cope in a truly primal environment.

The concept of survival simulation presents unfamiliar scenarios, designed to provoke discussion and develop an instinctive mindset. Survival Scenarios featured activities such as navigating, construction of a firepit, making a shelter, using water carrying logs to extracting water from the most arid places. All the activities helped foster various skills among the group.

Team members relied on their problem-solving ability, collaborative knowledge and support to be successful. Discipline is another element which has enabled the teams to bridge the set goals with final accomplishment. Sharing the experience made the tasks much more efficient. Erecting a frame shelter and building a makeshift bed encouraged team members to work together to assemble a structure that will protect them from the elements and test their resourcefulness and creativity.

Unity is our Strength! 

Team building events and activities have many benefits to organisations, such as improving communication and making the workplace more enjoyable. It was highly motivating for the Natec family to to know each other better under different circumstances. Our teambuilding was a valuable experience that ensured we were “on the same wavelength” with regards to living and applying our WISE values.

One of the most powerful reasons for team building initiatives is to get results. We get to strengthen core values to us, such as communication, planning, problem-solving and decision-making. At Natec we encourage and foster genuine connections, deeper discussions and thought processing. All of these aligned become crucial in our mission of saving lives and being part of such an exciting and fulfilling industry.

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