Posted on 25 April 2019

Saying No to Paper Notice Boards, We Go Digital!

Digital technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and has long replaced bulletin boards as the go-to communication tool.

As part of our WISE values, bringing Innovation & Transparent Information is an area in which we are constantly taking the necessary steps towards.

At Natec the objective of replacing the conventional notice boards with digital board is to convey information more efficiently, the ability to plan different types of content makes it possible to display information on events, make key announcements, display live metrics that report on company and employee performance and much more, essentially taking employee engagement to the next level!

Our Digital Billboard focuses on 5 main quadrants:

1. Fun

At Natec, fun is an aspect we consider very seriously. We see our employees as part of a closely-knit family, with our Digital Billboard in place, it makes it even easier to spread the joy of birthday wishes, special announcements, internal events, and any festive celebrations wishes!

People also appreciate food, and they especially love discovering local delicacies and recipes. Employees can use the board to share recipes, delighting all the foodies out there!

2. Media

Communicating messages through dynamic multimedia provides visually captivating approach. With our newly implemented digital billboard, we move towards a more appealing way to reach out to our employees. Embedding videos and pictures has never been made easier and it is also a seamless and more enticing approach. We share videos and pictures of internal events such as team building, women’s day, end of year parties.

3. Values

At Natec we are proud of our WISE values. It has helped us advance and ensure our commitment to excellence and innovation, because we have developed a culture of continuous improvement. We incorporate these values on our digital billboard as we have developed a philosophy of:

Working together with trust
Innovation & Transparency
Striving for excellence
Engaging with Respect & an open mind

4.  Internal announcement – tips shared by Natec people for Natec people.

Employees are more engaged and experience higher morale when they can connect the work they do every day with real outcomes. This board will help them feel good about what they do and we take pride in giving credit and recognition to our staff. We encourage a culture of open dialogue that will foster greater transparency and empathy towards the Natec family. IT user friendly tips by IT manager, First Aid tips are some examples that are displayed in this section.

5. Tips & Tricks, learning new words, quote of the day

Because we firmly believe that sharing is caring, we have an amazing platform which we will continuously find ways to empower and help our teams become more productive. Sharing Mini Tips & Tricks can be in the form of motivational quotes, praises, uplifting videos to help build team spirit and even teaching our employees new skills. Natec has employees of many different ethnic origins and so one of these incentives include learning new words and phrases in different languages. We respect and encourage diversity at our workplace.

Communication is Key – Adapting to a digital era

We want our employees to be “involved” and with the implementation of our Digital Board we are happy to move towards an eco-friendlier, interactive, pragmatic approach as well as a new era of keeping all our employees up to date. By using digital signage as a true two-way communication tool, we’ve given the opportunity to build a richer company culture that moves further than just emails or traditional methods.

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