Posted on 13 February 2020

Meet Julie Cautres, she is responsible for the overall day to day operation of Abiolabs. Her rigor, pursuit of excellence and relentless drive are pivotal in ensuring Abiolabs are second to none. The work carried out by Julie and her cohesive team are in line with the best quality control measures, ensuring competence, consistency and accuracy of all our testing and calibration results.  While she often finds herself in controlled environments, Julie has a strong zest for life and in this Q&A we will get to learn more about her as she shares her journey with us!

  • Tell me about yourself.

I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. I’m not comfortable with settling, I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.

  • An inspiring story how you started and reached to where you are today.

When I first arrived in Mauritius, it was very complicated to find a job as a foreigner, because of numerous and time-consuming administrative procedures needed to obtain a work permit. Thankfully with time and patience I managed to obtain my work permit and stay in Mauritius and start an incredible journey with Natec Medical…the rest is history.

I also reached where I am today because I love what I do, and I never give up, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. This passion led me to challenge myself daily and develop new skills to go forward.

  • What motivates you in your everyday life?

To learn new things and seek to continuously improve

  • Who is your mentor / source of inspiration?

Source of inspiration… my best friend Google 😊

  • What are your Hobbies?


  • What’s your motto / most inspirational quote? 

“Every new day is another chance to change your life”

  • When it’s all over, how do you want to be remembered? (What impact do you wish to have at Natec also towards your personal aspirations)  

As an authentic person!

  • “In one word, describe yourself.”


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