Posted on 23 August 2019

Natec Town Hall Meeting 2019 – Highlights of the Year & Moving towards the Future

Natec Medical held its town hall meeting for their employees in July which was aimed to provide a snapshot of the group’s performance for 2018-2019. This has been a remarkable year for our organization, at the beginning of last year, Natec Medical presented updates on its expansion strategy (Natec Medical 2.0) which would anticipate numerous development; such as investment towards infrastructure, more efficient production capacities, enhanced working environment and so on. Fast forward to a year ahead and this vision is already well underway.

The Year 2018-2019 in Retrospect

We are proud to have shared commendable achievements with all our stakeholders, such as: celebrating our 20th anniversary, obtaining the gold NPQC Award, continuous and strong presence at EUROPCR and moving onwards to our future goals and objectives for the forthcoming year.

Vincent Lagarde, CEO of Natec Group of Companies, has expressed his gratitude towards the Natec family stating “2018-2019 has been a Journey full of moments that brought us all together. Thanks to you, your collaborative team work, your input and commitment. We have to realise that this is a group effort, it was made possible because of you all!”

Stéphane Lefèvre, COO of Natec Medical was also a key speaker at our town hall meeting where he elaborated on the forthcoming targets of our organisation “We did a lot last year, and we are going to move even further and add on to it, we’re on a really good track, 2019-2020 is about consolidation and building our future, it’s very important that we all work in the same direction, we have defined key KPI’S that will involve the participation of everyone in our workforce, I have no doubt that we will be able to accomplish our goals and objectives”

Implementing our WISE Values – Innovation & Transparent Information

One of Natec’s key WISE values emphasizes on Innovation & Transparent Information. “Innovation” goes beyond capability. It’s a daily occurrence, a way of life, the real strength behind the achievement of pure “Product Design and Manufacturing Techniques”

Innovation means we are also keeping up with the latest industry standards and aiming to become the benchmark in our industry. Having doctors from all around the globe recognize our products and cite them as up to par is also something we strive to achieve.

We are constantly seeking R&D innovations and maintaining the highest ISO requirements. For instance aligning ourselves with “The European Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR)’ which ensures high standards of quality and safety for medical devices being produced in or supplied into Europe is also one of our forthcoming objectives.

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