Posted on 28 November 2019

As part of our CSR program, Natec Medical sponsored a full-day awareness campaign for the youth of Mauritius on 23rd November. The event attracted more than 250 participants.

‘Zenes Valoriz to Lekor’ was the theme chosen, which translates to “Youngsters Value your Health/body”. The objective was to encourage and empower youth in Mauritius, to guide them to make smarter choices in life. Youngsters need the right drive, determination and support to make sure they can take a step in building a more positive and fulfilling future for themselves.

Being a Natec employee, Mr. Désiré Motee is also an active social worker determined to make an impact on lesser privileged communities as well as a strong advocate for empowering youngsters, to improve their wellbeing. We were encouraged by his dedicated approach and shared similar values.

As part of this initiative we started off with a 2 hour walk around the district.

To enhance healthy growth and development of young people, Natec also invited key facilitators from health sector to share useful information on maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Boolell (Cardiologist) presented an exposé on the functioning of the heart, along with providing useful tips on how to keep the heart in good health.

With Mental health also recognized as a topic of major concern worldwide, our company psychologist, Mrs. Hema highlighted on emotional, psychological, and social well-being. She shared tips how to maintain a proper balance in our daily life.

Désiré Motee mentions how concerning it is that so many youngsters fall victim to peer pressure and addictions, ranging from alcoholism to drug use.

Through this event Natec Medical is supporting the noble deed of our colleague Desiré in his quest to provide a better surroundings to the youngters.

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