Posted on 15 April 2018

Hey, NATEC Medical is 20 !


This year, we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary. We were curious about the symbolism of the number 20 and its meanings.

The number 20 symbolizes a change, a transformation, an improvement. This number generally brings a happy evolution. It can concern a mental transformation of the individual who will be brought to know a kind of spiritual “awakening” or the arrival of a material improvement. The beneficial effects of 20 usually come after an effort as a sort of reward. This number helps develop a sense of responsibility and gives a certain capacity for questioning.

That was the perfect timing to ask ourselves about our company, our path, our future. What a long way from Boston to Ebène, Mauritius! The ambitious young engineer who moved to Boston with wife and child was already a visionary, a 360° minded entrepreneur, who began working on a simple table to create the technology still used nowadays to manufacture balloons. NATEC Medical was born and moved to Mauritius in 2000, opening with 6 employees.

20 years later, we’re more than 220, we have state-of-the-art technologies that have created more than 2 million of products. NATEC Medical is designing and manufacturing angioplasty balloon catheters for interventional cardiology, radiology, gastroenterology and urology and our products save lives daily. We have successfully achieved our vertical integration from plastic extrusion facility to sterilization and microbiology. Our SmarTech is creating tailored-made equipment. We are proud of our WISE values that undertake every decision we make.

So, we have decided to celebrate this anniversary all year long, with many activities that will pay tribute to our employees and clients that have contributed to the success of NATEC Medical.

Happy birthday, NATEC !

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