Posted on 11 March 2019

Mission: “Our products save lives everyday”.

More than other manufacturing sectors, medical devices have a crucial role in innovation; the nature of the business requires companies to raise their performance to offer better life-enhancing and life-saving technologies.

Our mantra is cultivated and reinforced in our belief, that your health & wellbeing deserves the highest quality. Patient well-being and commitment to quality is our driving force and has been for more than 20 years. We continuously strive to go beyond what’s expected when it comes to developing devices intended to save lives.

We ensure that every step we take will ultimately lead to intervention of the highest standards, prudently taking into consideration how each device will not only save lives but also bring a much better quality of life.

We are dedicated innovators specializing in the production of cutting-edge percutaneous interventional devices as well as minimally invasive medical technology. This has been accomplished due to the advantage of our in-depth industry understanding and technical expertise.

Natec Medical Ltd has grown rapidly over the past 2 decades and our highly competent multi-lingual workforce includes skilled medical engineers, commercial, warehouse and logistics staff.

Our Vertical integrated setup has allowed the company to design and manufacture angioplasty balloon catheters intended for interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, gastroenterology and urology.

*Natec Medical strives for continuous excellence to achieve their mission statement, we take pride in being performance driven through various measures such as:

  • Providing Cutting Edge Catheter Development.
  • Monitoring, benchmarking and continuously improve our business, products and services.
  • Being in a leader in High-Tech Medical Devices.
  • Increasing our production capacity towards mass manufacturing goals.
  • Conforming to regulatory and renowned international quality measures (CE Mark, 510 K, FDA, ISO Certifications)
  • Investing in state of the art Infrastructure and R&D.

What makes us special?

Our values strengthen our mission and brings a WISE strategic direction:

Working together with trust

Innovation & Transparent Information

Striving for excellence

Engaging with Respect & Open Mind

Having these WISE values is paramount in everything we do, because we have developed a culture of continuous improvement to ensure reliable, consistent product performance and commitment to excellence.

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