Posted on 30 October 2019

Natec Group of Companies proud sponsor of Noemi Alphonse for World Para Athletics 2019

Today, we’re the proud sponsor of Mauritian Para Athlete Noemi Alphonse for the upcoming 2019 World Para Athletics Championships. The upcoming Paralympic track and field event will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 7–15 November 2019 and will also act as the last major opportunity for athletes to gain slots for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Noemi is one the most promising young athletes in Mauritius. She most recently captivated the entire nation by being the official flag bearer for the Island Games and broke all the barriers with her amazing records since 2015. The outstanding Para Athlete cemented her place in the heart of every Mauritian during the JIOI 2019 by winning the Gold medal for the wheelchair race.

Noemi is passionate about enduring and succeeding in her plight and lives by her motto that “one can succeed in life, even with a handicap”. She stresses the importance to “Just persevere!” At a young age, her parents taught her to be independent, go to school and work hard to reap the benefits of her efforts. “My fight,” she says, “is to show Mauritians that disabled people are no different from others”. She advocates equal opportunities.

Sponsorship and requirements

To be able to train and participate in international competitions, Noemi needs to upgrade her equipment every year. With the World Para Championship just around the corner, she will undoubtedly need to compete against other elite athletes from all over the globe.

At the elite level a custom-built racing chair, helmet, specialist gloves, spare racing and training wheels, spares of everything (tyres, gloves, wheels, straps, compensator, dampener etc…) are a must. At Natec we are thrilled to be able to ensure Noémi has the most suitable gear needed for her to keep striving for excellence!

What this sponsorship means to the Natec Family

During our teambuilding 2019 we invited Noemi Alphonse as a guest of honour. CEO of Natec Medical, Vincent Lagarde highlighted “it is an honour for the Natec Medical family to be associating itself with Noémi Alphonse and helping her achieve her dreams. We believe in supporting people with an achiever’s soul. Her determination and perseverance are aligned to the WISE values we share daily at our organisation”.

Our commitment in supporting Noemi also highlights another major key Natec value “Striving for Excellence”. Noemi is a stark reminder that no matter what circumstances life hands you, the will to prevail lives within each one of us. It’s what drives us to achieve amazing things!

Noemi’s journey is incredible, it deserves plenty of support and recognition– it’s about what you can do, not what you can’t and we’re proud to sponsor her! This is not a one-off initiative; this is the beginning of Natec’s journey as we will be part of her courageous quest as she keeps on achieving incredible things.

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