Posted on 26 June 2019

Held annually at Le Palais des Congres de Paris, EuroPCR is the world-leading course in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine. It is the official annual meeting of the European Association for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions.

This year’s convention took place on May 21-24, bringing together more than 11,000 participants. It is the flagship event of all PCR educational events by size, but also by offering: it functions as the global forum for sharing between all interventional communities, on themes like Coronary Interventions, Hypertension and Stroke, Peripheral Interventions, Valvular Disease and Heart Failure.

Natec Medical has been participating in this forum for more than 10 years. This year our team comprised of Vincent Lagarde (CEO), Stephane Lefevre (COO), Yajnish Nuckchady (Technical Marketing Director) and Shikha Goormany (Sales Manager).

Yajnish Nuckchady Technical Marketing Director, mentions “EuroPCR is such an enriching experience for us, it enables us to identify new developments and trends, for instance we had one of our catheters being used by a team of specialists finding innovative ways of using high pressure balloons. This helps us also redefine product requirements based on new tendencies, meet what the market is demanding and to reach the benchmark and standards which are internationally recognised “


Natec’s role in Cutting Edge Technology

Every year the EuroPCR gathers cutting edge technology that can help optimize procedure performance in the life changing field of Cardiovascular Medicine. Yajnish highlighted “We were delighted to see new innovations using Natec stent delivery systems, this was showcased by one of our American clients, they presented a new approach of stent intervention which was very encouraging for us to see”


Meeting our clients and Building New Relationships

During EUROPCR our team also organised meetings with our clients from India, Europe and USA. This was an opportunity to focus on the needs of our customers and to review contracts, identify problems and come up with feasible solutions. EUROPCR is the ideal platform to discuss new projects and/or new product offerings, find new leads and project ventures.


New Perspectives

Getting feedback, gaining new perspectives and working on solutions is fundamental. We use this platform as an opportunity to see what devices are yielding the best results for our clients, whether any improvements need to be done and to also meet any challenges in the field of Interventional Cardiology. This involves reviewing customised cases suitable to their needs and sharing a wealth of valuable information.


Natec’s Lifelong Commitment to Saving Lives

Natec Medical continuously strive and further advance their role as a key player in this industry and as a global OEM partner and will continue be active participants in renowned international conventions with the prospect of also attending the upcoming TCT 2019 (Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Meeting of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation in California, taking place on September this year.

Besides representing Mauritius internationally, Natec Medical has also established itself as being a leader on the Indian Market in terms of the delivery system for their life saving medical devices.

Natec’s forecast for 2020 is to attain over 1 million catheters in production and with this target in mind, the anticipation and preparation is already well underway. The corporate objective is to be the benchmark in the medical industry. We are confident of achieving that through continuous development, strategic decisions and having a team of people that put their hearts and dedication to make a difference each day.

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