Posted on 29 April 2021

In December 2020, Natec Medical Ltd. Launched its first corporate report. This report highlights the achievements, activities, and challenges experienced by the company in financial year 2019-2020. This edition provides an insight into the company’s governance, economic, environmental and social practices. 

As part of Natec’s WISE Values we remain firm in our ability to provide Innovation & Transparent information to all our stakeholders. We recognize the importance of transparency in our work and our first annual report is a testament to the support that flows around our organisation. 

2020 was a defining year for Natec. We overcame and learnt from the challenges that we faced, always keeping our cultural values in mind. In 2021, we have an even bigger battle to win, that of COVID-19 and meeting all our objectives, but we are optimistic that together we will overcome this moment. 

We aim to publish a Corporate Report on an annual basis, to keep our Shareholder, our clients, our employees, and all other relevant third party informed on our activities. 

Launching our first annual report is an important milestone, we have already targeted July 2021 to release our next report; we will continue to strive for excellence and bring value at Natec, as well as mitigate risks faced in our industry. 

Natec remains dedicated more than ever in providing a service that will save lives on a daily basis. Because of this incredible journey, our five-year outlook for our Main Corporate Objectives can be seen in detail in  report. The progress in performance of each commitment will be published annually. 

You can access our full corporate report on

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