Posted on 23 July 2019

Natec Group of Companies supports Noemie Alphonse for JIOI 2019!

With the Jeux des Îles 2019 in Mauritius well underway, we take tremendous pride in our employee Jean Alain Alphonse, who works at Natec Medical as a Project leader. We are happy to share exciting news that his daughter, Noemie Alphonse was announced as the official flag bearer of Mauritius for the opening ceremony, the young and talented 23-year old will also be a participating athlete in the disabled segment of the Indian Ocean Island games.

In this segment we get a glimpse behind the scenes of the devotion Jean Alain has, as a member of the Natec Medical and the pride he has for his daughter’s awe-inspiring journey! A true warrior of modern times, Noémie is determined to prove her worth and you can count on the entire Natec Family to rally behind the Alphonse family!

Tell us a bit about Noemie’s upbringing and values you shared?

Jean Alain: “It was hard at first, Noémie was always considered a normal child despite her disability since birth, as parents, my wife & I wanted to give her the best possible upbringing and prepare her to lead a typical childhood like most kids. Some parents tend to restrict their disabled children or make them feel overdependent on others. I think that is the wrong approach. It is necessary to help your child become resilient and independent, to be able to face society, no matter the circumstances.

Speaking of values is something important, I often compare Noémie’s path and determination in parallel to the WISE values shared at Natec Medical. It has become a way of life and a philosophy which can be applied in almost every situation. It’s something I also have passed on to her.

What does it mean for you to have your child represent Mauritius, in the highly anticipated Indian Ocean Games and how did your daughter get to where she is today?

Jean Alain: It is amazing to think today she will not only be participating as an athlete but was also announced as the official flag bearer for our country. It brings a lot of joy to our family and I am so proud of my daughter’s journey! Noémie has always enjoyed and practiced sports for fun at school, doing judo, volleyball, basketball etc.. We always wanted our daughter to be independent and do things she genuinely loved. She was always in her element when it concerned sports and has battled with determination to become an athlete. In 2015 she took part in the Italian Open Championships – an international competition by winning the gold medal for Mauritius in the 1,500-meter wheelchair event! An amazing triumph, the rest is history…

Is there a message that your daughter, Noemie would like to convey to Mauritius?

Natec Group of Companies supports Noemie Alphonse for JIOI 2019!

Noemie: “This is a dream come true for me, I will do everything I possibly can to honour my country, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my parents, who encouraged me and made me believe that a handicap doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself in life. My message to everyone is to never get discouraged in life and believe in yourselves!”

She further adds “We will need the support of all Mauritians for this event. The support of everyone! You can count on all the participants who are ready to give everything to represent the colours of our national flag”

Natec extends their support to all Mauritian athletes taking part in JIOI 2019 and encourages everyone to get behind Noemie as she looks to continue her fairy tale journey. Allez Maurice! Allez Noemie!

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