Posted on 01 March 2021

Dear Stakeholders,

As I reflect on a uniquely difficult year, one thing is clear — we all have been impacted by COVID-19. While it has been a challenging year for many, I am hopeful and optimistic that better days are ahead.

When the pandemic hit, Natec had three top priorities—continue to provide you with the excellent customer service you deserve; protect our employees; and take the steps necessary to maximize the opportunities presented by the unprecedented changes around us.

Our determination to persevere meant we had to take immediate actions. We adapted our supply chain, and grew our customers base. We increased our inventory levels and we found new ways of communicating with our customers creating new opportunities. COVID-19 validated our strategy of vertical integration allowing us to remain competitive and to become increasingly flexible in our approach.

Despite going into a nationwide lockdown between March and May, we managed to maintain the same revenue as 2019. I’m pleased to share that we made strides on all fronts and expect a challenging but optimistic outlook for 2021.

What Natec has in store for 2021:

Even with all we have faced, we remain confident in the growth opportunities ahead. We will spend much of 2021 consolidating our foundations to reach a steady monthly production output of 70,000 units. We will focus on quality control and attention to detail.

Going forward we will also be initiating Natec’s expansion plan. To achieve this, we will be tackling different areas of development. First, we want to implement a fail-safe system in operations. Second, we continue to target growth in our US customer base. Third, we remain fully committed to setting the highest quality standards in maintaining conformity with CE marking and gaining 510k approval of our upcoming new catheter, Ebony HP.

What are the challenges ahead?

In the coming year, we’re committed to making our service offerings better each day, but we know that we must all remain vigilant. Despite Mauritius being a COVID safe destination, it is still around the corner and can disrupt activities at any moment.

Space limitations for the next two years will force us to also be more innovative and efficient to meet our customer expectations. Our employees will be driven by accountability and commitment towards quality as we further aim to remove operator dependency in critical processes.

Ultimately, despite 2020’s challenges, I’m proud that we stayed focused on our mission of delivering products that save lives every day. In so many ways, this has never been more important.

We’re committed to making Natec better each and every day for our customers and we will emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever. On behalf of the Natec Family may you have a safe and healthy year ahead!


Stéphane Lefèvre

Chief Executive Officer


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