Posted on 02 October 2019

Meet Natec’s ‘Creative’ Head of Machine & Equipment – Jean Michel Adenot

Jean-Michel Adenot plays a crucial role in managing the design, development, manufacture and sustaining engineering support for the technology associated with our life saving medical devices. In addition to his technical know-how, he brings a ‘creative’ edge to our workplace. In this Q&A we discover the intriguing journey of our Head of Machine & Equipment!

Tell me about yourself.

I was born 10 years before the independence of Mauritius. Grandson of a watchmaker, I studied technical micromechanics in Besançon (Eastern France). I married Christine in 1985, I have 3 grown children (Sébastien, Céline and Damien) and 5 grandchildren (Davina, Evan, Elvira, Giulia and Lyli).

I worked for 30 years at the electronics laboratory in a research and development company; in the field of microtechnology: STATICE. This drew me closer to electronics and developed my understanding in computer systems. Throughout the last 10 years, I specialized in the design and manufacturing of machines that produce catheters for a company known as ARTHESYS. I worked for this company for 2 years before taking a major leap at Natec Medical in Mauritius.

Personality wise, I’m a rather “technical” person who enjoys social interactions with others. You could say I am calm-natured and tend to keep things bottled up inside. I am usually very methodological but can also be intrigued by things out of the ordinary.

An inspiring story how you started and reached to where you are today.

I learnt and developed a lot of my skills essentially at home with my younger brother. We spent a lot of our spare time creating things from other various objects (Radio, TV parts, appliances etc…)

We assembled our own “toys”, and eventually made our own music system / recording studio. We would end up building our first computer in 1979 when microprocessors first arrived on scene.

What motivates you in your everyday life?

To create, find solutions and share my knowledge with motivated and interested individuals!

Who is your mentor / source of inspiration?

I do not have a mentor, I learn a lot by nature, observing others and everything around me.

What are your hobbies?

I love nature:  going on walks, snorkeling and doing some gardening. I like to craft objects or items such as pottery, basket weaving, 3D printing and cooking. I also enjoy socializing with my friends and meeting people.

What’s your motto / most inspirational quote?

“There is always a solution to get what you want.”

When it’s all over, how do you want to be remembered? (What impact do you wish to have at Natec also towards your personal aspirations)  

To have been able to increase and improve Natec’s production facilities. To also have set up an influential team to help pursue this objective. On a personal level I’d love to spend more time with my family because, for the moment they are very far.

“In a word, describe yourself.”


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