Posted on 23 August 2019

Implementation of Natec 2.0 expansion strategy – The ‘much awaited’ Natec Medical’s new clean room

A few months ago, we committed ourselves to an expansion strategy which would help us reach our goal increasing our production capacity to 1 million catheters. As part of our WISE values, striving for Excellence also means, upgrading our workspaces, production capacities amongst others.  Natec is taking the necessary steps and measures to expand as an organization as we head towards a promising future.

Today Natec Medical is pleased to announce the opening of a new cleanroom facility. Strong and steady growth has driven the need for additional manufacturing capacity and clean room space. This expansion allows us to better support our customers’ growth and provide the best service and lead times possible.

Natec’s new cleanroom facility, at 180m 2 provides plenty of space in the assembly line for manufacturing catheters and stents.

World class clean room manufacturing

The production of our medical devices must be carried out in conditions of strictest hygiene as our products demand constant quality. Our world class clean room has been planned and built according to the latest ISO 7 industry standards, a 3-month project led by Diraj Ortoo, our facilities manager together with the support of external suppliers in the implementation phase.

Our Clean room technology innovations

Addition of new cleanroom is at the heart of Natec Medical 2.0 expansion strategy, we also continuously invest in the latest and most reliable technology as it takes an incredible amount of technology to achieve and maintain our objectives. The system for cleanrooms is a specialized field requiring thorough understanding of cleanliness guidelines, airflow streams, room pressurization, temperature, humidity and filtration requirements, knowledge of codes and standards, specialty equipment, instrumentation and control, and many other elements.

Our cleanroom has been designed to accommodate around 50 people and will focus on our PTA catheters and provide avenues for our CMO projects which consists of sub contract manufacturing services, including tailor made components procurement and assembly in our fully vertically integrated setup.

We are pleased to that the necessary strides in ensuring Natec Medical further attains new targets, advances to our research capabilities, delivering the operational effectiveness required and to work as the benchmark industry standard. The new layout conforms with the best practices and requirements of MedTech for the global market.

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