Posted on 02 October 2019

Encouraging an environment of development and continuous learning at Natec Medical Ltd. 

Staying competitive in today’s global marketplace means that organizations need to be innovative, adaptive, and ever-changing. Achieving this depends on the skill and knowledge of the workforce. Natec Medical ltd commits to a culture putting employees first , encouraging an environment of development and continuous training. This is an ongoing process where all employees of Natec’s Group of Companies will be part of this initiative.

On a monthly basis we have the privilege to collaborate with Dr. Vijay Boolell, cardiologist to share his practical experiences with Natec’s employees.

Natec is a leader in cardiovascular medical devices with its life saving catheters being a core service offering. Dr. Boolell provided insights on how crucial catheters are, in addition to presenting the techniques and procedures for use. He further provides details about various causes, precautions and risk factors of coronary heart disease.  Dr. Boolell shares a video, showcasing a real case of angiography being carried out in a Cath lab. This gives our participants a ‘real’ perspective of all the measures taken in the catheterization process.

What our Employees have to say?

While it was an enriching experience for everyone present in the training seminar, we’ve gathered some insightful testimonials from some of our staff.

Shyani Chummun our R&D operator mentions “It’s a very good initiative to have a Cardiologist demonstrate techniques of catheter use and to give us a better understanding of the human heart anatomy”

“The demonstration videos and training were impressive, this is a great reminder to see how crucial our products are in saving lives” – Reena Kissoon , R&D operator.

We want to make sure everyone at Natec realizes the impact they have. Dhalini Goopara, one of our production operators feels encouraged by the learning culture at Natec “The training has shown us how catheters are being used in our hospitals and it’s an encouraging reminder to see how we are cooperating in helping to save the lives of many patients”

The aim of our training sessions is to ensure our staff are better informed and to provide them up to date information in the field of medical device regulations, quality system standards, real-life procedures, including any relevant updates.

Our framework for training sessions has been established since 2018, we can expect plenty more to come. Lovena Payen, QC operator at Natec emphasises the importance of having hands on training from industry experts “It upgrades our knowledge and emphasizes the importance of our job”

Imtehaz Auleebocus, Supply Chain clerk shares his perspective “learning about the heart: Anatomy, physiology, and function not only upgrades our knowledge, but it helps us have a better idea of how our products are transforming lives”

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