Posted on 28 November 2019

Creating Understanding Through Honesty and Empathy – Nonviolent Communication at Natec

Disagreements are an inevitable, normal, and healthy part of relating to other people. There is no such thing as a conflict-free work environment. Conflicts at work can be stressful. However, if well managed have lots of positive outcomes. Let’s face it, at the end of the day we are all human beings who deal with a fair share of emotions and challenges.

To be able to tackle this fundamental issue, Natec Medical has taken the initiative of following formative sessions since 2018 with ‘CommunicActions’, a nonprofit association lead by Etienne Chomé, who has a PhD in Social & Political Sciences and is a professor at the International Lumen Vitae Institute in Brussels.

Using Nonviolent Communication skills at Natec – Engage with Respect and Open-mindedness

Natec Medical is a strong advocate for ensuring Nonviolent communication skills are implemented in their workplace. Natec’s commitment to this issue is of high priority as this is not a one-off initiative. Training has lasted for over a year and comprises of theory and practice. The training started with the Top Management team and is cascading down to different managerial levels within the company.

One of the WISE values at Natec Medical is to Engage with Respect and Open-mindedness. Open-mindedness is equated with positivity and growth. It helps us to take risks, find opportunities, understand others, and manage uncertainty and to efficiently manage conflict at work.

Training outlines through three essential pillars

The training focuses on:

  • Establishing a framework of law
  • Developing authentic communication
  • Achieving effective negotiation

Employees learn effective interpersonal communication skills to improve morale, enhance efficiency, and bolster teamwork, while reducing and/or preventing conflict altogether.
Different tools are used such as : Effective listening, observation, sentiment, needs and demands and how we can easily fall into the trap of being judgmental, taking things personally and being demanding.

CNV poster within Natec

This initiative will be a continuous process and the real work takes place daily. While it is easy to get carried away in such a demanding industry, our commitment to our mission of saving lives is so much more than a motto. We have also implemented visuals in key areas such as meeting rooms, mess room to facilitate the cascading down of the CNV approach within our team members.

We believe in an environment which continuously aims to encourage, motivate and putting our employees first. When it comes to conflict management, we strive to keep an environment which will see our employees go for win-win situation, care for others, and focus on common interests — this is what makes Natec an inspirational group to be part of!

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