Posted on 25 April 2019

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the significance of women as well as many of the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. It also is a day for reflection that serves as a call to action for greater gender justice in the world. On this day, women are recognised for their achievements no matter their nationality, race, linguistic, cultural, political or economic status. This year’s global theme was “Think Equal, Build Smart, innovate for a Change” which corresponds well with our core values.

International Women’s Day at Natec Medical

On March 8th, Natec Medical held an event at its headquarters in Ebene to commemorate the International Women’s Day celebration. This year our theme was “We are Phenomenal” inspired by civil rights activist, Maya Angelou. This motto supports the resilience, dynamism, courage and caring approach Natec’s women represent both on a professional and personal level.

At Natec Group of companies women consist of more than 80% of the workforce with 100% at operator’s level and more than 40% at leadership level.
The event brought together both genders in our workforce and was met with contentment and success.What was showcased?

• Medical Check-ups
Both men and women were offered the opportunity to have various health check ups done, such as Anaemia tests, eye examinations and also blood pressure. Breast Cancer Screenings were also exclusively available for women.

• Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist
Ms. Anya Benoit held various seminars throughout the day by providing helpful information regarding health, wellbeing and adopting a better hygiene of life.

Physical Examinations
Routine tests were carried out to assess a person’s general health. Onsite doctors were present to provide assistance and consultations.

• Wellness & Spa
Employees were treated to a well-deserved massage with a zen area dedicated to pampering and giving a welcoming break to our hard working staff.

• Local Artists showcasing traditional music
Natec employees were treated to the local sounds and rhythms of traditional Sega music and even got to participate in this entertaining segment.

• Arts and Crafts
Entrepreneurs set up their own stalls to display various goods to showcase their craft and expertise in the form of jewellery, sculptures, handbags and eco-friendly products.

• Local Mauritian Delicacies
A culinary adventure for everyone to indulge in as cooking stations were set up and an array of treats were prepared to bring extra flavour to the wonderful occasion.

We are proud to celebrate women in the workforce

Natec Medical’s workplace is predominantly comprised of Women. As part of Natec’s mission, our commitment to manufacturing products that save lives every day is made possible thanks to the contribution of our ambitious and driven employees. Our team can feel a great sense of accomplishment, having acquired medical device know-how, who cater to the most sophisticated custom industry requirements.

Natec Women helping us reach new frontiers in the world of life saving medical devices

Natec Medical strives for continuous excellence to achieve their mission, a fundamental part of this is largely due to the collaborative efforts of the women helping us towards our vision for a better tomorrow. Increasing our production capacity to 1 million units per year will become a reality thanks to our phenomenal crew.

Innovation and Igniting growth starts with a culture of equality

We are so very proud of cultivating and empowering our amazing female employees to live a life which brings balance, flexibility and a great sense of purpose in helping us reach the benchmark of being a service provider in the indispensable field of life saving medical devices.

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