Posted on 22 April 2018



Welcome to the WINGS Management Development Programme!


We are gathered this morning to launch this programme, the first of its kind for Natec Group. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, I look back at our humble beginnings with nostalgia and pride for what we have achieved as a Company and more importantly for having believed in the local talent back in 1998. Since then, it has always been my priority to work with young talent, grow them … at times it meant push them into unchartered waters and I know it has not always been smooth and easy lol.

When I look at the horizon, I see growth, more opportunities, exciting plans … and I look at you and I see a breed of future leaders who are instrumental to turn that vision into reality.

Branding this programme as WINGS was deliberate … You will learn to fly with your wings to new heights, but you will not fly alone you will fly as a team, with your manager and your Business Mentor I would like to leave you with the analogy of the flight of the Geese and your WINGS Journeys ….. Do you know why the Geese fly in V formation ????

A study was done some time back and discovered that birds flying in a V format had lower heart rates than bird flying alone. Why? The aerodynamic V shape formation reduces the air drag (air resistance) that each bird experiences when in flight in comparison to a bird flying solo. This allows them to cover longer distance with much less effort. For example, geese can achieve a greater distance of about 70 percent when flying in groups than each flying solo, using the same amount of energy. In this formation, the bird in the lead position will experience a greater air resistance and will have to work a little harder, however, when the lead bird is tired it falls out of position and goes behind into one of the V position lines. Another bird from behind will then quickly move forward into the leading position thus, maintaining the V formation. This cycle continues as they travel to their destination. Thus each bird gets the opportunity and responsibility to be in the lead position as well as enjoying the middle position since less air drag is at this position. This means all birds benefit individually while working harmoniously as a team. Working as a team means less work for each bird because flying requires a lot of energy especially for birds traveling a very long journey. All members of the team plays their part and mutually benefits from this.

It is important to note also that military jets fly in this V formation for the same reasons. Each fighter pilot can see, communicate and help each other while in flight working as a team. On that note , I would like to wish you all a wonderful FLIGHT !!!

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