Vincent Lagarde

Vincent Lagarde, a trained Plastics Engineer, is the Founder and President of NATEC Medical Ltd. After a scientific baccalaureate and advanced Math preparatory classes (referred to as a prépa) he enrolls in the Ecole Nationale des Arts & Industries with a focus on Plastics Engineering.

Holding a dual degree in Polymer Science and Engineering (ENSAIS & EAHP, France), he specialises in polymer, discovering this substance during an innovative time period, which enables him to create his first coronary dilatation catheter in 1993.

From 1993 to 1998, he is a Senior Project and Development Manager at Nycomed Amersham, where he develops patented technologies still used today.

In 1998, he founds NATEC Medical LLC in Putnam, CT (USA). Lacking the funding necessary to kick off his project in France, he moves to the United-States where, for several years, he essentially develops catheters for interventional cardiology. Spurred by his industry experience in the field of medical technology, he relocates his operations to Mauritius in 2000 along with ten employees. NATEC Medical Ltd has successfully transitioned from a start-up to an innovative and dynamic enterprise with close to 220 collaborators. The enterprise is specialised in the manufacture of cutting-edge percutaneous interventional devices and minimally invasive medical technology. It conceives and manufactures angioplasty balloon catheters destined for interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, gastroenterology, and urology.
Vincent Lagarde in also the Director of several other companies: Maurister Ltd (sterilization unit), Abiolabs (microbiology unit), Tamarin Technologies Ltd (global distribution), Tobili Investments Ltd (real estate) and Umbrella C (services and investments).

Committed to offering optimal schooling conditions to his children in the Tamarin region, he initiates an educational project – the launch of a kindergarten and elementary school in 2003 in Mauritius, Paul et Virginie, the 5th private school to adhere to the French educational program.
The dual French and Mauritian citizen was awarded the “National Order of Merit” by the French Republic.
He is the 2015 winner of the AfrAsia Tecoma Award, which rewards the Entrepreneur of the Year in Mauritius. He is a member of the Club APM  Association for the Progress of Management) and of the CCIFM.
He has created his own Foundation, Dunes de Mer in 2018, which makes a commitment to improve the life of Vezo and Mikea, semi nomadic people of fishermen and hunters, on the south-west coast of Madagascar, by the construction of dispensaries and schools. Fight against the medical desert, offer free quality cares to the inhabitants of the villages of the region between Tsifoty and Baie des Assassins, propose the skills of overseas benevolent
doctors and specialists who offer their holidays time for the populations, create schools to fight against the illiteracy: these are some of the solidarity-based and eco projects of Dunes de Mer Foundation.

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