TiMarina® PTCA is our latest addition to our PTCA catheter line. This platform incorporates our latest process technologies to bring a new dimension to our product portfolio. Timarina offers a low profile platform for lesions pre-dilatation.

Due to its versatility, Timarina® is adapted for challenging applications including thinner struts stents crimping or as a drug-coated balloon carrier. Features of the Timarina® PTCA include:

  • Slim tip design for smooth trackability
  • Low profile balloon with shorter markers
  • Enhanced pushability adapted for radial approach
  • Shape-Adaptable strain relief/hub grip for precise manipulation


Proximal Shaft1.85 F
Distal shaft2.3 F for 1.5-2.25 mm 2.5 F for 2.5-3.5 mm 2.9 F for 3.75-5.0 mm
Usable Length140 cm
Hydrophilic coatingProG ®
Balloon materialNylon Copolymer
Balloon folds3 folds
Balloon profile measured(3.00 mm) ≤ 1.0 mm
Marker length0.50 mm
Brachial & Femoral markers90 and 100 cm
Rapid exchange length25 cm
Guiding catheter compatibility5F minimum
Guidewire compatibility0.014”
Tip length5 mm
Balloon length8 to 49 mm
Balloon diameter1.5 to 5.0 mm
Balloon complianceSemi Compliant
NP8 atm
RBP14 - 16 atm*
Shelf life3 years

* Depending on diameters and lengths

Size Matrix


Balloon Length (mm)1.502.002.252.502.753.003.253.503.754.004.505.00

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Tamarin Blue

Tamarin® Blue PTCA has delivered more than 1.5 million stents so far, making the Tamarin® Blue a reference in stent delivery systems. Its consistent quality allows a repeatable crimping process ensuring a reliable performance of your finished product.

  • Used for more than 15 different stents design
  • One of the widest length range available on an OEM basis: Up to 49 mm length, with 1 mm increment.
  • Consistent & repeatable quality without dimension variation between batches
  • Exceptional balloon softness allowing an efficient crimping and post-crimping processing.
  • The lowest & smoothest tip to marker transition allowing exceptional crossability of the final system.

Thanks to Tamarin® Blue PTCA, you will perform lesion crossing and stent deployment with confidence.

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Filao NC

High pressure combined with non-compliance, when precision is required for stent post-
dilatation. Filao ® Rx NC guarantees accuracy under high pressures, offering a controlled
compliance and limited growth. Filao ® Rx NC is designed to offer the best trackability and the
highest balloon resistance.

  • Superior deliverability
  • Low growth profile avoiding dogboning effect.
  • Excellent stent recrossing
  • Unsurpassed durability when inflated several times at 20 atm

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