Fully operating & experienced Crimping Service.

Our world leading clients requested it, NATEC Medical made it happen, we successfully implemented a top-notch Crimping Department covering various levels of services, turnkey solutions with sampling, testing balloon, stent crimping and full sterilization.

Our balloon catheter platform fits consistently to all requirements, based on our unique crimping knowledge.

NATEC Medical offers proven crimping service for:

  • Stainless steel and cobalt chromium stents
  • Polymer free stents
  • Drug eluting stents
  • All types of Biodegradable, bioabsorbable stents, coated or non-coated
Wish to have your stent crimped on our balloon or validate your new stent?

Add-on Crimping service to NATEC Medical current platforms, service also provided to other clients platforms for BMS, Cobalt Chromium stents and DES.

Our stent testing possibilities include stent dislodgement force, compliance and in-stent Fatigue testing among others.

NATEC Medical, your ultimate partner in delivering your perfect stent

Our R&D team provides you with technical assistance in developing your crimping process and the best customized solutions for any issue related to your proprietary stent design, in-house or on-site.

Concentrate on Stent Design, Marketing and Sales, we’ll look after your production

Our fully dedicated Customer Service remains constantly focused on high and stringent quality products, best delivery times and competitive prices.
Being a critical process in the manufacturing of a stent PTCA catheter, NATEC Medical now offers a full-fledged Stent Crimping service to its clients with its various models high-tech USA originated crimping machines and internationally confirmed R&D engineers.

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