At Natec Medical, we want our Customers to understand how creating a “better way” retains such a high degree of importance. “Innovation” goes beyond capability. It’s a daily occurrence, a way of life, the real strength behind the achievement of pure “Product Design and Manufacturing Techniques”

Product Design is a concerted effort with our Customers enabling innovation through our manufacturing processes while adding value to our Client’s devices. Product Design and Manufacturing Techniques may involve innovative custom designed tooling or machines, often conceived and built by Natec Medical.

Our core competency is to develop OEM devices using state-of-the-art balloon catheter technologies, while’s complying with latest Regulatory requirements to propose Solutions and Services, which ultimately means greater success for our customers.

The essence of innovation at Natec Medical is our persistent quest to build better balloons catheters.

Our balloons are delivering great performances without compromises; low profile and high pressure, flexible and strong. Balloons that are built to high standard quality that just don’t meet but exceed industry requirements. To achieve this balance of performance and quality, we pushed the limits of designs and materials and this is what guides our quest for a better balloon.

It’s all about new thought, effective process design techniques, and the power behind the Natec Medical engineering professionals, dedicated to helping customers find a better solution.

The strength of innovative thought at Natec Medical is constant and growth-oriented. Uncovering new and innovative polymer materials or manufacturing techniques, building custom tools are all important links in the chain of Natec Medical’s innovation. When our customers experience it, they instantly find a medical device OEM manufacturing partner for life.

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