Natec Medical Ltd is an integrated design, development and manufacturing company specialized in Percutaneous Interventional Medical Devices for the global market. We design and manufacture angioplasty balloon catheters for interventional Cardiology, Radiology, Gastroenterology and Urology

Fully committed to setting the highest standards we adjust to changes with speed and decisiveness. While Quality is our driver, our R&D team is dedicated to innovation and fast delivery. Vertically integrated, our current portfolio covers wide range of PTCA & PTA balloon catheters, Stent delivery system as well as crimping services, EtO Sterilisation services and Microbiological analysis services.

As a medical device manufacturer our responsibility starts with a clear and accurate understanding of our customer needs. Once we have obtained customer acceptance our goal is to deliver safe, state of the art medical devices which comply with international medical community requirements.


Located at Maeva Centre in Cybercity Ebene Business Park Mauritius, Natec Medical, with a total surface of 2500 m2 offers state-of-art manufacturing technologies and assembly controlled areas for cutting edge catheter development and manufacturing.  Our 700 m2 dedicated cleanrooms are certified ISO 5  and ISO 7 as needed.  Our Cleanrooms cater for catheter assembly as well as other processes such as stent crimping or specific customer product manufacturing.

Our cleanrooms are equipped with HEPA filters and undergo strict environment monitoring through constant automated monitoring of temperature, humidity as well as regular control of surface contamination and air particulate counting.

Maeva Centre also harbours our R&D department, Machine & Equipment design and assembly areas as well as a  fully furnished and segregated inspection area for incoming raw materials and lot release testing.

With our upcoming expansion strategy (Natec Medical 2.0) additional space will be available for custom-built cleanrooms for specific customer product line manufacturing process.

Feel free to contact us to reserve your space for the quality assembly of your product.


  1. Creation of NATEC Medical LLC in Boston (USA)

    Born out of a vision to create value by finding better ways in caring for people with health problems, NATEC Medical LLC was created in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) by a polymer engineer with high entrepreneurial skills.



  2. Innovation


    The driving force of this individual rapidly gave astounding results. In a short period of time an innovative product, a balloon for PTCA catheters, was designed, developed and manufactured, ahead of the traditional medical device market at that time. The certification of the product successfully done, it was time to market the product in Europe where it was adopted by a customer  and the first orders were placed and delivered.


  3. NATEC Medical set-up & transfer of processing facilities to Mauritius


    Yet, manufacturing costs remained expensive.  To remain competitive and to ramp upthe production outputthe strategy was to move
    to another location with a business-friendly environment for start-ups coupled with a modern infrastructure and a knowledge and skilled
    based workforce at lower cost.  The decision is taken to relocate the set up to Mauritius.Strategically positioned, Mauritius is one of the
    most transparent and financially sound economies in Africa.  It is recognized at a global business center with an active Export processing zone and an investment friendly tax regime.
  4. ISO 9001(1994) / 13845(1996)


  5. Tamarin© PTCA Catheter is CE Marked

  6. FDA registers the manufacturing facilities under accreditation #3004415014

  7. Maurister receives its ISO 13485/EN 550 certification (EtO sterilisation process according to ISO 11135 -1.)

    Tamarin Blue© PTCA catheter is CE Marked



  8. Filao© Rx PTCA is CE Marked

  9. Facilities extension to 2,500m² – 100 employees

    The move to Maeva Centre in Ebene, Reduit, is a milestone in the company history. It is a state of the art facilities of 2,500 M2, totaling 700 M2 of clean room of class 1,000 and 10,000. The facilities are FDA registered and the company follows the GMP, FDA rules 21 CFR part 820.

    The R&D department has developed a unique customer focused approach through proactive and professional communication, whilst investing time in the necessary market intelligence and research intelligence of new technologies. 10 % of the company’s turnover is systematically invested in machinery, technology and professional training.



    Ebony © PTA .035’’ is CE Marked


  10. Crimping service on BMS/DES validated

    Ebony © PTA .014” and .035” receive 510(k) approval


  11. Crimping service on BVS is validated

    Tamarin© Blue receives 510(k) approval

  12. Coating facility opens.

  13. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality and value.

    In a short time, the company has grown to become a dynamic and reliable business partner, garnering business and earning clients’ trust along the way.  The development of innovative and customer centric product lines and customer satisfaction is the hallmark by which we measure our performance.

  14. Abiolabs, Natec Medical microbiology lab division opens. Xtruline, Natec Medical extrusion division is created.

  15. In-house machine & equipment department is created.

    New cleanroom for specific client product line, carotid catheter

  16. New Vision/ Mission / Values of Natec Medical.

    Abiolabs is successfully accredited ISO 17025:2005 by SANAS (South Africa)

  17. 20th Anniversary of NATEC Medical

    Natec 2.0, Maeva Tower Tech Centre opens.



International leader in high-tech medical devices


Our products save lives everyday

Our Value

Our values underpin our mission and strategic direction:
Working together with trust
Innovation & Transparent Information
Striving for excellence
Engaging with Respect & Open Mind


Vincent Lagarde

Stéphane Lefèvre

Yoël Attias

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